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Menasha Library Book Bike

Recognizing that reading is an important skill to keep up in the summer, the Rotary Club of Menasha has purchased a new bicycle for the Elisha D. Smith Public Library's new Book Bike.

The Library will be biking books around Menasha this summer – to the pool, the Boys & Girls Club, the farm market, and more.


A staff member at the Boys & Girls Club will be running a mini version of the library's Summer Reading Program there, which is so important -- because if kids don’t keep reading through the summer, they lose months of the reading skills they attained during the past school year. We will be bringing them new books to read every week or so.


The library has put Rotary stickers on the bike itself as well as the cart that will hold the books. So, everyone will know that Rotary helped facilitate this community asset.

Menasha Library Book Bike DJM 2017-06-01 05:00:00Z
Memories of Rotary Youth Exchange

Our speaker this week was Emilie Steinman, owner of Oh, Shiny Glass Art in Menasha. But, that's not why we invited her. Emilie was a Rotary Youth Exchange student to Japan in 2003. She brought visual aids and so many moving, emotional and powerful stories from her experiences. The jacket hanging from the podium is covered in pins and memories of her trip. As you can see it is packed full. Also, she presented to our club a flag from her visit to a Japanese Rotary Club.

Part of Rotary International is our Youth Exchange Program. If you are a Menasha student and have any interest in participating in Rotary Youth Exchange, contact Menasha Rotary.

Memories of Rotary Youth Exchange DJM 2017-03-18 05:00:00Z
               2017 Arctic Open
Saturday, February 4, 2017
10 am to 1 pm
Out on the Ice, Off Waverly Beach

Bring a broom, racket, frying pan, balls provided.  
Price includes a bowl of Mihm's chili.
                     No tee time required.
2017 Arctic Open Vicki Lenz 2016-12-15 06:00:00Z
Rotary Classic Golf Scramble

May 25, 2017
at Ridgeway Country Club, Neenah

The 14th annual Rotary Classic Golf Scramble is hosted by the Neenah, Menasha and Fox Cities Morning Rotary Clubs.  All proceeds benefit area youth and local and international service projects.




Rotary Classic Golf Scramble Aaron Zemlock 2016-04-25 05:00:00Z
Poet Karla Huston Delights Rotary Members
Local poet Karla Huston visited our noon luncheon last week and shared a bit about poetry and how the arts are or are not being supported in Wisconsin.  She shared several of her poems with us as well and I can surely speak for the group that we enjoyed them thoroughly.  Her poems provided some fantastic mental pictures as she read them and most were tied to simple everyday experiences or to something we in the Fox Cities are familiar with.  We were thrilled to have her and welcome her back anytime.  You can take a look at her website here:  Karla Huston - Poet
Poet Karla Huston Delights Rotary Members Aaron Zemlock 2014-04-21 05:00:00Z
Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our Rotary Club! 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our new site.  We are in the process of moving information from our previous site here as well as building in many new features for our members and guests.  Stay tuned over the next couple of months as we continue to make this site better.  Your patience is appreciated!!


Welcome to our new website! Aaron Zemlock
The November newsletter is here!!
Vicki Lenz has taken over our newsletter duties and produced a fine November newsletter.  Our goal is to make all newsletters available for viewing here on the website as soon as they are published.  If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter, please sign up using the link on the lower right side of our home page.  Enjoy!
The November newsletter is here!! Aaron Zemlock
Security and Integrity of Your Data
ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.

Security and Integrity of Your Data Aaron Zemlock