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The history of the Erie Canal is a riveting story of American ingenuity. A great project that Thomas Jefferson judged to be “a little short of madness,” and that others compared with going to the moon, soon turned into one of the most successful and influential public investments in American history. In the first quarter-century of the 1800s the leaders of our fledging nation had quickly recognized that the Appalachian mountain range was a formidable obstacle to uniting the Atlantic states with the vast lands of the west. A pathway for commerce as well as travel was critical to the security and expansion of the American Revolution’s achievement.

Dick Campbell
 Aug 23, 2017
No Meeting - Seafood Fest preparation
 Sep 06, 2017
Michelle Bachaus, Wisconsin Bike Federation
 Sep 13, 2017
Bill Van Lopik, Esther Community Organizer
 Sep 20, 2017
Club Business
 Sep 27, 2017

Tour the Menasha Joint School District Administrative Offices and Menasha City Hall

Rotary on the Road
 Oct 04, 2017
Club Business
 Oct 25, 2017

Starting his career with Heckrodt in March 2008, a graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. in Animal Ecology with an Interpretation option. Luke has been working in the field of environmental education since 2003 in a variety of settings in the US and abroad. He is responsible for coordinating all public programming at the reserve.

Luke Schiller - Naturalist/Public Program Coordina
 Nov 15, 2017
No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving
 Nov 22, 2017
Club Business
 Nov 29, 2017
Annual Holiday Celebration
 Dec 13, 2017
Mo Meeting - Merry Christmas
 Dec 20, 2017
No Meeting - Happy New Year
 Dec 27, 2017